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BV 20-25 OV

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Tube bending tool 20 - 25 
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  • srebrna 
  • manual 
  • Tube bending tool 20 - 25 
  • čelik 
  • In vice 
Customs tariff number
  • 84622998 
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Opis proizvoda

Please note that a good bending quality can only be achieved if the tube being bent is also made of a flexible material.
The HANSA-FLEX tubes made of steel and stainless steel from our online shop and branches fulfil these characteristics.
This robust tube bending equipment is designed for use either in the workshop or during service calls and can be used to precisely bend flexible hydraulic tubes.
The bending lever (with two pins) and the extension piece can be used to bend the tube segment into the desired shape quickly and easily.
Ovalisation of the cross-section of the tube is reduced by the contour clamp in the bending segment.
The bend radius of the segments are: r = 86.5 mm, x = 52 mm.
The tube bending tool can be used wherever a defective pipe cannot or may not be replaced with a hydraulic hose.
If a pipe was previously fitted, a hydraulic hose should only be installed as a temporary solution.
If the bent pipe is professionally installed, it will remain in the position it is fitted.
The bending equipment can be used in the construction, agriculture and forestry sectors, as well as for municipal technology and service and maintenance work.
Opseg isporuke
A fixing hook that serves as a pipe stop
Three bending segments 20, 22, 25 mm with holding pins for insertion into a vice
A bending lever with pressure roller (without extension)

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