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Sigurnost i zdravlje: Prilikom obrade HANSA-FLEXproizvoda potrebno je poštivati ​​fizičke, sigurnosne, toksikološke i ekološke podatke i propise u našim sigurnosnim listovima EZ.
HANSA-FLEX MULTISPRAY44 is used in all industrial and workshop areas. Its special active formula and excellent creep properties combine corrosion protection, cleaning, water displacement, lubrication and preservation in one product.
Shake can before use, until you can hear the agitator ball.
Then spray HANSA-FLEX MULTISPRAY 44 onto the surface from a distance of about 5 cm and allow about 30 seconds for it to take effect.
Dodatne informacije
The Multi-Function spray withstands weather influences and therefore finds almost unlimited use in areas such as workshops, automotive, maritime transport, electrical and agricultural sectors, at home and during hobbies.
Loosens rusted seized screw connections, bolts, fittings and valves. Penetrates and dissolves rust, dispels moisture from electrical contacts, prevents leakage currents and facilitates the starting of wet engines. Eliminates squeaking and creaking noises on hinges, guides, bearings and all types of joints and couplings. Cleans dirty metal surfaces and leaves a long-lasting film that does not smear or stick and does not attract dust. Protects and maintains all tools, machines, electrical devices and mechanical precision equipment, keeping them operational.

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